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Connected by BR 174, our facilities are in the Northern region of Brazil, in the State of Roraima. This is to the north of the Amazonas, and south of Venezuela. Our location is strategically placed near the Caribbean, with all the facilities of the ports to the south in Manaus-AM. This is the largest international maritime-fluvial HUB of the Northern Region of Brazil with easy service to Europe and United States.
In compliance with ENplus® standards, Florida Clean Power of Roraima Ltd produces Type A+ briquettes. These are composed of a mix of high calorific residual wood and sawdust.
In addition to producing briquettes, our company is also an independent energy producer. Our facilities supply the energy source for large sawmills in Rorainópolis, Nova Colina, and Caracaraí.


All our products are environmentally friendly.

Florida Clean Power
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