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Briquete é uma lenha ecológica capaz de substituir com eficiência o gás, a energia elétrica, o carvão vegetal, o carvão mineral, a lenha e outros tipos de combustíveis, seu poder de fogo é três vezes maior que o da lenha e ocupa quatro vezes menos espaço. Este tipo de geração de energia vem sendo cada vez mais utilizado por ser ecologicamente limpo, já que a emissão de gás carbônico para o ambiente é expressivamente diminuída. Por ser um bloco denso e compacto feito a partir de resíduos de madeira, o produto possui vantagens como: fácil manuseio, transporte e armazenagem, alto poder calorífico, maior temperatura da chama, regularidade térmica além de contribuir para limpeza do meio ambiente reduzindo a necessidade de derrubada de árvores para produção de calor.


The briquette is an environmentally friendly fuel capable of efficiently replacing gas, electric power, charcoal, coal, firewood and other energies. Its caloric power is seven times higher than that of firewood and occupies six times less space. This type of energy generation has been used increasingly because it is ecologically clean; the emission of carbon dioxide into the environment is significantly diminished. Because it is a dense and compact block made from wood waste, the product has advantages such as: easy handling, transport and storage, high calorific value, and higher flame temperature. It also promotes thermal regularity and contributes to a cleaner environment, reducing the need to use trees as a source of energy.

Kcal per tonne Fuel Comparison


1 t

1,3 m³


3.6 t

7 m³

 4,950 a 5,150 kcal/kg


Fuel Source



Oil BPF 1A

480 kg

0,5 m³

Natural Gas 

510 kg

17.9 m³


The briquette is an environmentally sound product with the following advantages:


Reduces negative impact on native forests by preventing illegal logging;

Smaller manpower and logistics;


The briquette is a high-density product, and therefore takes up little space. To store one ton of briquette, only 1.3 cubic meters of space will be needed;

They are produced in solid cylindrical format or wafers;

They are supplied in standard packages (Packages or big-bag), one ton of briquette replaces up to 7 to 8 cubic meters of firewood;

Lower direct and indirect costs

Packaged Briquettes


They can be used in boilers, fireplaces, bakeries, ceramics and more;

Briquettes are measured and sold by weight rather than volume. Firewood is commercialized by volume, which allows losses due to voids and empty space in its stacking;

Lower pollution rate, as it is a renewable fuel;

Lower humidity: the briquette has 10-12% humidity, whereas wood has 35-55% humidity;

Can be easily broken for greater accommodation;

Our packages are clean and free of insects. They are transported on pallets and packaged in bags of 10kg or large bags of 650kg;

Product available all year round;

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